Core/Periphery Relations in Precapitalist Worlds

Edited by Christopher Chase-Dunn and Thomas D. Hall

Published by Westview Press, Boulder, CO 1991












Preface                                 ix

About the Editors and Contributors     xiii





     Introduction, Christopher Chase-Dunn

     and Thomas D. Hall                  1



1    Conceptualizing Core/Periphery          

       Hierarchies  for Comparative Study,   

         Christopher Chase-Dunn

               and Thomas D. Hall        5



2    Was There a Precapitalist World-System?

     Jane Schneider                     45



3    5000 Years of World System History:

     The Cumulation of Accumulation,

     Barry K. Gills

      and Andre Gunder Frank            67



4    Cores, Peripheries, and Civilizations,

     David Wilkinson                   113



5    The Evolution of Societies

       and World-Systems,

     Stephen K. Sanderson               167



6    Prehistoric Chiefdoms on the American   


     A World-System Based on Prestige Goods,

     Peter Peregrine                    193



7    The Role of Nomads in Core/Periphery    


     Thomas D. Hall                     212



8    The Monte Alb n State: A Diachronic     

       Perspective on an Ancient Core and its


     Gary M. Feinman and Linda M. Nicholas 240




       Christopher Chase-Dunn and            

        Thomas D. Hall       277





     Index                        291