Pews02 Parking
If you are arriving by car to the PEWS02 conference you can park for free in either Parking Lot #6 or in the more distant Transportation Hub #1.When you arrive at UCR go to Transportation Hub #1 for a free parking permit. Tell the attendant that you are attending the PEWS Conference. Parking Lot #6 will have plenty of room on Saturday, but may be full on Friday.If you need to park on campus both Friday and Saturday get a two-day parking pass on Friday.
If you park near Transportation Hub #1 you will need to walk to University Theatre. Follow the pedestrian signs to the freeway (I215-Highway 60) underpass and emerge near the University Theatre.

If you arrive on Saturday and do not have a parking permit go to the Information Kiosk on Campus Drive and request a free permit in connection with the PEWS02 conference.