Hiroko Inoue



Research Assistant at the Institute of Research on World-Systems



Ph.D. Candidate

M.A. University of California Riverside

Research and teaching interests:
Comparative world-systems, Sociological Theory, Formal and Simulation Modeling,

Comparative world history (especially East Asia, Central Asia, and Europe), global stratification, Quantitative and spatial data analysis, Ecological and spatial modeling of polity development, Application of network analysis, and Application of numerical computations

Research description:

Inoue’s research examines the dynamics of social complexity (differentiation and hierarchy) formation in a long-run world-systems evolution.  The research seeks to develop a generic yet realistic model that explains the dynamics of complex hierarchical structure of wide range of historical cases. 


Contact Information:

Office: IROWS

Email: inoueh02@ucr.edu


Mailing Address:

Institute for Research on World-Systems

College Building South

University of California-Riverside

Riverside, CA. 92521