Appendix B: Crosstabulation Tables for IROWS Working Paper #31

“North-South Contradictions and Bridges at the World Social Forum”



Racial self-identification


In what subject is your most advanced formal education degree? Check one.oNatural Sciences    o Social Sciences    oArts/Humanities     oTechnology

Do you think we need to reform capitalism or abolish it? Check one

In the long run, what do you think should be done about the existing international financial and trade institutions such as the IMF and the WTO? Check one.


Do you think it is a good or bad idea to have a democratic world government? Check one.

Which of the following approaches would best solve the problems created by global capitalism?


Please rate your opinion on the following statement: "Overall the world needs less economic growth." Check one.

Please rate your opinion on the following statement: "The World Social Forum should remain as an open space for debate and should not itself take public positions on political issues." Check one.