Setpol meeting Friday march 3, 2017

Project web site is at

3pm, location: INTS 4107.  4TH floor of chass interdisciplinary bldg. south. Where we usually meet. Next setpol meeting March 10.

Our response to Michael Mann’s evolution article, chris is working on a list of topics to distribute to the players: at this point that means Chris, Gene, Hiroko, Dmytro and possibly Peter at a later stage. Don’t forget Ian Morris’s helpful overview of the sociocultural evolution lit in _the Measure of Man_.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project: Paul Halsall, Editor (ancient and medieval documentary sources)

City coding project: Working on web site at karl ryavec, a geographer at UC Merced, is working on cities.

Atlas Annotated Bibliography Project:  Put pages for this up on wsarch data web site.  Have someone go  through wilkinson’s bib for his workshop paper to look for maps.  See "History of the World: Every Year" territories of polities since 3150 BC  with nice music.

War and battle coding project: Levin Welch is going to work on this. Loranow, Eckhardt, Wright, Sorokin, Dupuy, SESHAT, a global geocoded list of battles and wars. Use the template that we have created (uploaded on the Wsarch website). This procedure ensures that the analyst does not receive significant results for a Granger-causal relationship due solely to non-stationarity in the data plate for a war network data set.  Focus first on areas and times for which we already have trade network data. Get help from Thompson, Wilkinson and Cioffi. Battles, conquests, sieges, arms races, alliances. Networks of enmity and alliance. Thanks to gene for central asia sources. Victoria Hui is coding East Asian polities and interstate wars. Look again at JS Lee to see if his wars were really internal. See The Asian Review of World Histories at   cool stuff. Hiroko found Peter Brecke’s war data set. David Kang sent us his article and dataset on East Asian warfare from 1368 to 1841 CE.

Can we use the loranow article on Mesopotamia to code variations in the level of warfare for our psa paper?

Trade data: Ciolek. Which are the good studies? He includes all the maps he can find that show connections among nodes. Sakin is looking for ottoman trade netwoks data. Be careful about whole system networks that show the links and non-links among all nodes and ego networks that show the links to a particular city or set of cities. Those are 2 different things. International historical stats: kurt schuler

CrossNational Time Series (CNTS)(updated Arthur Banks)

NSF IBSS program is closed. JAMES S  MCDONNELL FOUNDATION complex systems. We r developing a proposal for the mcdonnell foundation and will submit it early next march. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­also check out the Gulbenkian Foundation. And the Templeton Foundation.

time mapping political GLOBALIZATION WORKSHOP AT UCR.  publication plan: one book collection of essays published by Springer Verlag.  A special issue of the Journal of Globalization Research edited by Tom Hall and Bob Denemark will include articles from the workshop.. Sent comments to beaujard.  david, hall. denemark. Working on sing chew. The videos are up. 

New book series proposal to Springer Verlag has been accepted

WORLD-SYSTEMS EVOLUTION AND GLOBAL FUTURES. Series Editors: Chase-Dunn, Christopher; University of California – Riverside, USA; Gills, Barry; University of Helsinki, Finland; Grinin, Leonid; National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia; Korotayev, Andrey; National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia . David Wilkinson (World-System Power Structures Beyond and Before the West), Gene Anderson (The Mandate of Heaven: China’s Dynastic Cycles in World Context) and Chris Chase-Dunn (the evolution of world-systems) have submitted prospecti for books for the new series.

Tom Hall’s first volume is being submitted now:  Comparing Globalizations: Historical and World-System Approaches;

Big Questions, Big Data in Human History Network in formation blurb is up on temporary web site:  Pat manning has asked for contributions to a long article on Collaborative Historical Information Analysis. Our templeton and mcdonnell proposals will be relevant for this. Chris finished a setpol paper that lays out our overall comparative strategy.  It is at 


Cambridge new handbook of political sociology, 9000 words first draft due march 30,2017 Sakin and chris are working on presenting world-systems analysis from the point of view of political sociology. Sakin is working on an outline for the paper.


Berch Beberoglu is doing a handbook on social movements and wants a chapter from us on world revolutions, the New global Left and the New Global Right. Due Aug 1. 10k words.

SetPol conferences plan (v. 2-29-17)

Report back: annual meeting of the International Studies Association, 2017: Baltimore, Maryland February 22nd-25th Chris’s session  “Nomads of the land and sea: stateless challengers and the evolution of global governance” C. Chase-Dunn, Organizer and Presider; Papers:  Hiroko InoueCore/Periphery Relations in the East Asian World-System” Bob Denemark “The Irish and the Vikings on the Edge of Central Civilization”;  Marilyn Grell-Brisk “Exploring Global Governance and State Formation Through Sea Piracy” Albert J. Bergesen “Stateless Challengers and Their Quest for Global Governance: The Evolution of Al Qaeda to ISIS and Anarchists to the USSR”; Joachim K. Rennstich, “Nomads in Cyberspace: Past and future agents in the evolution of world system governance” do got sick and did not attend the conference, nor did he send a paper.

Capital Vol 1. p. 760 note 4, the effects of rate of return on risktaking.:
Marx quotes T.J. Dunning, l.c., pp.35-36
”Capital is said by a Quarterly Reviewer to fly turbulence and strife, and to be timid, which is very true; but this is very incompletely stating the question. Capital eschews no profit, or very small profit, jst as Nature was formerly said to abhor a vacuum. With adequate profit, capital is very bold.  A certain 10 per cent will ensure its employment anywhere; 20 percent certain will produce eagerness; 50 per cent positive audacity; 100 per cent will make it ready to trample on all human laws; 300 per cent and there is not a crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged. If turbulence and strife will bring a profit, it will freely encourage both. Smuggling and the slave-trade have amply proved all that is here stated.”
 (T.J. Dunning, loc cit, pp: 35-36.)
Dunning, T.J. Trades’ Unions and Strikes: their Philosophy and Intention. London 1860. ----pages in Capital v. 1 on which Dunning is cited: 551,554, 555,760

Bob Denemark  has suggested combining the articles from our spatial boundaries workshop that he and tom hall were going to publish in the Journal of Globalization Studies with some of the articles from the piracy/non-state actor ISA session as a book to springer

Chris presented to a panel on prospects for peace. “ interregnum, deglobalization and the evolution of global governance”  (attached) Hiroko and Alex Nunn organized a session Global Inequality, Friday 1:45. Bev silver and dan pasciiuti presented. Hiroko is helping bev silver code social unrest from Asahi shinbun.  ! We  had dinner w bev, danpasciouti and savan savas karatasli on Thursday eve at the Hopkins club.

PSA17 Pacific Sociological Association meeting in Portland,   Thursday, April 6 to Sunday, April 9 2017: chris will present an updated version of our upswings paper.  We are working on adding a measure of war intensity to our pmn cases. Chris put together three sessions for the Politics and the State (Political Sociology) part of the program.  Berch beberoglu’s paper added to session; chris will help tanya nieri with a booth for the soc dept.

Global Studies Association, Berkeley, June 14-16, 2017 Now accepting 100-word abstracts due by May 10, 2017  conf theme is Global Social Movements: Left and Right

ASA17 Aug 12-15, 2017 Montreal Culture, Inequalities and Social Inclusion Across the Globe.”  john Talbot is organizing the pews program. *Section on Political Economy of the World-System Refereed Roundtables (one-hour). Session Organizer: Samantha K Fox, Binghamton University  Chris and hiroko submitted our swings paper to pews roundtable.

CSA  Holiday Inn-Sacramento November 17-18, 2017, propose papers and sessions.. Thea Alvarado, Pasadena City College


International Sociological Association, world congress of sociology.

Toronto, July 2018,  hiroko, chris and prof. sato are organizing an RC02 session on "Global inequality in the era of generational conflicts." See book _Born Digital_

chris is organizing a session on “21st century fascism” with vishwas satgar.

Leo Panitch and Bill Robinson have agreed to present. Simon Bornschier sent his paper about how European populist nationalism is a reaction to the universalism of the sixties. Trump and populist nationalism. Gene sent cool stuff on killers. Read Michael Mann’s _Fascists_ and Robert Paxton’s _Anatomy of Fascism_.DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS OF PANELS: march 15, 2017


Marilyn proposed a special session on race and global inequality in response to the call from the program com.    global inequalities and racism. With whom? Howie winant said yes!!! Chris will present a paper on “the evolution of othering” theme for the 2018 Annual Meeting, Feeling Race: An Invitation to Explore Racialized emotions< February 6, 2017: Special Sessions, For instructions to complete these submissions, please visit the Member Suggestions for 2018<>

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