IROWS Cities & Empires Research (Data)

Power and Size: Urbanization and Empire Formation in World-Systems

Christopher Chase-Dunn,
Alexis Álvarez, Dan Pasciuti

Cities & Empires, Ranked Regional Data
Chandler's (1987) City Data (interpolated)
Taagepera's (1997, 1978a, 1978b, 1979) Empire Data

Graphs and Tables of Regional Data (Afroeurasia)
    Equatorial Africa, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
PMN Data
Graphs and Tables of PMN Data

Largest and 2nd Largest East Asia & West Asia data (SPSS format) (Chandler & Modelski combined)

Trends and Cycles of Urban Development and Empire Formation - The Islamic World

Alexis Álvarez

Comprehensive, Relational Database of City & Empire Data(Access)
City Data (Excel)
Empire Data (Excel)
Chronology of Caliphates (Excel)
Geospatial Data (TimeMap)


City Population Estimation Project

Dan Pasciuti, Christopher Chase-Dunn

Meridians & Coordinates of the World's Largest Cities