Survey #____________                                                                       Date__________________

University of California-Riverside   

Research Working Group on Transnational Social Movements

We are conducting this survey of participants in the 2007 United States Social Forum in order to learn more about the characteristics of people that participate in the Forum, their beliefs, and their involvement in social movements. We want to facilitate cooperation and concerted action by helping activists to understand the interconnections between different progressive movements. We would appreciate if you could take time to complete and return this survey to the person who gave it to you. Thank you.

I. Demographics:

(1) What is your gender? Check one.

o Female       o Male          o Other:_____________________________________________


(2) What is your sexual orientation? Check all that apply.

o Heterosexual          o Homosexual           oBisexual                  oQueer        

o Other__________________________________________         o Decline to answer


(3) What is your current marital status? Check all that apply.

o Single o Separated oDivorced oWidower oMarried oCohabiting


(4) Do you currently have custody of one or more children aged 18 years or younger?

Check one. o No      o Yes


(5) What year were you born?  19________


(6) What is your ethnicity or race? Check one.

o Black                     o Middle Eastern       o South Asian           

o Indigenous o Latino/Hispanic      o East Asian             

o White                     o Pacific Islander    o Decline to answer

o Multiracial: Please specify ______________________________________________

o Other: Please specify___________________________________________________


(7) Which country were you born in? ___________________________


(8) Where do you currently live?

City _____________________           Country _________________________


(9) How religious do you consider yourself?

o Not Religious         o Somewhat Religious           o Very Religious



(10) Which of the following best describes your religious beliefs? Check one.

oProtestant               oCatholic                  oBaptist        oEvangelical

oOther Christian     oBuddhist                  oJewish         oIslamic

oAgnostic            oAtheist                    oHindu          oOther____________


(11) What is your current employment status? Check all that apply:

oEmployed full-time (at least 35 hours per week) oEmployed part-time

oEmployed on a temporary basis                     oSelf-employed

oUnemployed                                        oRetired                                           

oStudent                                             oDependent on family income           

oLive from investments or savings                              oVolunteer


(12) People sometimes describe themselves as belonging to the working class, the middle class, or the upper or lower class. In your current situation, how would you describe yourself? Check one.

o Upper class            o Upper middle class o Lower middle class

o Working class        o Lower class


(13) What is your approximate household annual income? ________________


(14) Please indicate the highest level of schooling you have completed. 

oElementary      oMiddle school/junior high oSome High school/No Degree          oHigh school     oSome college/no degree          oAssociate’s Degree                            oBachelor’s Degree            oSome graduate school/no degree          o Master’s Degree oProfessional Degree    oTechnical Degree                             o Doctoral Degree     


(15) Beginning with primary (kindergarten) school, how many years of school have you completed? (total) _______________


(16) If you have an educational degree beyond high school, in what subject(s)? Check all that apply.

oAgriculture              oEducation               oNatural Sciences     oSocial Sciences         oArts                       oEngineering  oMathematics            oComputers                       oHealth                        oLaw/Legal Studies oBusiness/Administrative oLanguages/Linguistics/Literature             oOther



II. Political Participation:


(17) How many earlier Social Forum meetings have you attended? Indicate the number of each kind that you have attended:

___Local; ___Regional; ____Thematic;____National;_____Polycentric;

_____ World (Global); oCheck this box if the USSF is your first Social Forum meeting.


(18) What are your reasons for attending the U.S. Social Forum? Check all that apply.

o Organize, plan actions, or carry out joint initiatives

o Network, meet people, or join a group

o Recruit new members        

o Learn about the issues and share information          

o Learn about other cultures or enjoy the cultural performances

oDocument it or cover the story

oWork                      oResearch                 oHelp with interpreting

oGet inspiration         oFun or leisure          oOther _____________


(19a) What are your organizational or group affiliations? For each of the organizations you are affiliated with, check the box that best applies:

oNone (I do not belong to any social organization or formal group).

àIf you answered “none” for question 19a, please skip to question 20.


(19b) What are your organizational or group affiliations? For each of the organizations you are affiliated with, check the box that best applies:

oLabor union(s)/organization(s)          oNon-governmental organization(s)    

oGovernment agency(ies)                  oCultural group(s)

oProfessional association(s)  oPolitical party(ies)   

oMedia organization(s)                      oSocial or recreational group(s)

oReligious institution(s)/movement(s) 

oSocial movement or political organization

oOther (specify)_______________________________________________________________


(19c) Is at least one of the organizations that you checked for question 19b…

…engaged in political issues and funded solely by its members?             oNo oYes

…international or engaged in an international campaign?                        oNo oYes

…one that you hold a leadership position or paid position within?          oNo oYes


(19d) If you belong to a union, please answer the following questions. If you don't belong to a union, please skip to question 20.

…does your union belong to the AFL-CIO? ­­­­­                      oNo o Yes

...which union(s) do you belong to?­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________­­­­­­_______ you hold a leadership position within a union?          oNo o Yes you hold a staff position within a union?                    oNo o Yes


(20) Are you attending the USSF on behalf of OR planning to report on your experiences at the USSF to an organization or a group, such as those listed in 19b?

oNo         o Yes


(21) In the last 12 months, how many public protests or demonstrations did you participate in? (total) _____


III. Political Opinions

(22) Which of the following best describes your political views?

oFar Left                   oLeft             oCenter Left

oCenter                     oCenter Right            oRight

oFar right                 oIndifferent                oNot sure

(23) Do you consider yourself to be part of a global social movement?

oNo  oYes

(24) Do you think we need to reform capitalism or abolish it? Check one.

o Reform it               o Abolish it               o Neither

(25) Out of the following, which level is most important for solving the majority of contemporary problems? Check one.

oCommunity  oSub-national/state-level        oNational  

oInternational            oGlobal

(26) Do you think it is a good or bad idea to have a democratic world government? Check one.

oGood idea, and it’s possible oGood idea, but not possible oBad idea


(27) In the long run, what do you think should be done about these existing global institutions (Check one for each institution):

The IMF (International Monetary Fund):           The WTO (World Trade Organization):

o Reform      o Abolish                              o Reform      o Abolish

o Replace     o Do Nothing                        o Replace     o Do Nothing


The World Bank:                                              The UN (United Nations):

o Reform      o Abolish                              o Reform      o Abolish

o Replace              o Do Nothing                        o Replace     o Do Nothing

(28) Do you favor a tax on international financial transactions that would be used to redistribute income from rich nations to poor nations (e.g., the Tobin tax proposal)? Check one.

oNo              oYes            oIndifferent


(29) Do you favor reparations for groups of people adversely affected by slavery, colonialism, and racism in order to ensure that they will have better opportunities? Check one.

 oNo             oYes            oIndifferent


(30) Do you think that political parties and governments should use quotas to ensure that women are better represented within political institutions? Check one.

oNo              oYes            oIndifferent


(31) Do you support a woman’s right to abortion? Check one.

oYes, under all circumstances            oSometimes (it depends on the circumstances)

oNo/never                                         oIndifferent


(32) Do you support the idea of global citizenship? Check one.

oIt is a bad idea.        oIt is a good idea, but it is not likely to ever exist. 

o It is a good idea, and may exist someday.  o I am already a global citizen. 

IV. Movement Identification:

(33) Do you strongly identify with, or are you actively involved in, any social movements?

oNo              oYes

àIf your answer to 33 was “no,” please skip to the end of the survey.   


(34) Check all of the following movements with which you (a) strongly identify with and/or are actively involved in:

(a) strongly identify:                                        (b) are actively involved in:      

1. oAlternative media/culture                                      oAlternative media/culture

2. oAnarchist                                                                  oAnarchist

3. oAnti-corporate                                                        oAnti-corporate

4. oAnti-globalization                                                   oAnti-globalization                                                               

5. oAntiracism                                       oAntiracism   

6. oAlternative Globalization/Global Justice             oAlternative Globalization/Global Justice

7. oAutonomous                                                            oAutonomous

8. oCommunist                                                               oCommunist

9. oDevelopment aid/Economic development      oDevelopment aid/Economic development

10.oEnvironmental                                                        oEnvironmental

11.oFair Trade/Trade Justice                                       oFair Trade/Trade Justice

12.oFood Rights/Slow Food                                        oFood Rights/Slow Food

13.oGay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Rights     oGay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Rights

14.oHealth/HIV                                                              oHealth/HIV

15.oHousing rights/anti-eviction/squatters              oHousing rights/anti-eviction/squatters

16.oHuman Rights                                                         oHuman Rights

17.oIndigenous                                                              oIndigenous

18.oJobless workers/welfare rights                            oJobless workers/welfare rights

19.oLabor                                                                        oLabor

20.oMigrant/immigrant rights                                      oMigrant/immigrant rights

21.oNational Sovereignty/National Liberation         oNational Sovereignty/National Liberation

22.oOpen-Source/Intellectual Property Rights         oOpen-Source/Intellectual Property Rights

23.oPeace/Anti-war                                                       oPeace/Anti-war

24.oPeasant/Farmers/Landless/Land-reform            oPeasant/Farmers/Landless/Land-reform

25.oReligious/Spiritual                                                 oReligious/Spiritual

26.oSocialist                                                                   oSocialist

27.oWomen's/Feminist                                                 oWomen's/Feminist

28.oOther(s), Please list ___________________   oOther(s), Please list _______________________

___________________________________       ___________________________________


(35) Do you have any suggestions for improving the social forum? Please write below:


We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. Please return it to the person who gave it to you when you are finished. Or to send the completed survey:

Institute for Research on World-Systems

College Building South

University of California-Riverside

Riverside, CA. 92521 USA