Bibliography on 3000 Years of Climate Change in Four Regions

Five sections:

1.                 general and methodological issues

2.                  Western Asia/Mediterranean since 1000 BCE

3.                  South Asia since 1000 BCE

4.                 Central Asia since 1000BCE

5.                  East Asia since 1000 BCE


#1 General and Methodological Issues



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#2 Western Asia/Mediterranean since 1000 BCE


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#4 Central Asia

Climate Models of Greater Turkestan

Thomas Bryson, Madison, WI, USA(

Supplied note: "New website by independent scholar. Collection of links

To Central Asia resources on the web. Past climate models of Greater

Turkestan (unpublished elsewhere) [for Alma Ata, KZ; Kyzyl-Orda, KZ; Bishkek, KZ;

Dushanbe, TJ; Bajram-ali (Merv), TM; Krasnovodsk, TM; Bukhara, UZ;

Fergana, UZ; Khiva, UZ and for the period 14,000 BP-present - ed.]."


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#5 East Asia since 1000 BCE


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