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UCRNet: Mapping the Global Small World From the University of


Professor Robert A. Hanneman (Department of Sociology)



Hiroko Inoue (Institute for Research

On World-Systems—IROWS)









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Project Description







Mapping the Global Small World from UCR: Network Analysis and Geographical Information Systems.

Professor Robert Hanneman (Sociology) and Hiroko Inoue (IROWS Research       Associate).


Project Requirements: 

Prerequisites: An interest in formal methods of studying networks and analysis of geographical information systems and spatial analysis.  A 3.5 cumulative GPA is required.  All majors are welcome.

Requirements: Students will participate in the research group for no less than two quarters and will be evaluated by Professor Robert Hanneman at the conclusion of their participation.

Orientation and organizational meetings: one project meeting per week to be scheduled at a time that is convenient for most participants. Students are expected to complete assigned readings prior to the project meeting

Enrollment in honors or relevant disciplinary supervised research units from 2 to 4 units depending on how much work each student is doing.

Weekly collaborative research activities will include: reading of basic works on network analysis and GIS, mobilization of a large group of participating undergraduate students at UCR,   bibliographic research, data collection and analyses, presentation of research results at project meetings, preparation of publishable research papers, preparation of press releases about the project, etc.  A 10 page summary of contributions made by each student will be due at the end of each quarter.


For more information contact Hiroko Inoue, IROWS Research Associate and Coordinator of the UCRNet Project for further details. E-mail: