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  Tentative Jan 14, 2022

IROWS Governing Boards

        Juliann Allison, Global Studies 

        Eugene E. Anderson , Anthropology and IROWS 

        ............ ,.......... 

        Anil Deolalikar , School of Public Policy 

        Jana Grittersova , Political Science  

        Katja Guenther , Gender and Sexuality  

        Robert A. Hanneman, Sociology 

        Randolph Head, History 

        Bronwyn Leeebaw, Political Science  

         Bai-Lian Li, Botany and Plant Sciences

         Perry Link, Comparative Literature

         Ellen Reese, Sociology

         Thomas F. Scanlon, Comparative Literature

IROWS Advisory Boards

        Guillermo Algaze, UCSD 

        Walden Bello, University of the Phillipines

        Albert Bergesen, University of Arizona 

        Christian Suter, University of Neuchatel 

        Jonathan Friedman, Lund/Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, UCSD

        Andrew Jorgenson, Boston College

        Jeffrey Kentor, Wayne State University

        Andrey Koratayev, Russian Academy of Sciences

        Su-Hoon Lee, Kyungnam University, Changwon

       John W. Meyer, Stanford University 

        Valentine M.Moghadam , Northeastern Universiy  

        Saskia Sassen, Columbia University  

        Kathleen Schwartzman, University of Arizona  

        Leslie Sklair, London School of Economics 

        David A. Smith, UCI 

        Yoshimichi Sato, Kyoto University of Advanced Science, Tohoku University  

        Alvin So, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

        Beverly Silver, Johns Hopkins University

        Teivo Teivainen, University of Helskinki

        Peter Turcin, University of Connecticut

        David Wilkinson, UCLA 

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