Appendices from Chase-Dunn's Books and Articles

The Wintu and Their Neighbors (with Kelly Mann)

  City population data used in Chase-Dunn and Manning, "City systems and world-systems:
four millennia of city growth and decline"

Appendix to "Trade Globalization since 1795:..."
Christopher Chase-Dunn, Yukio Kawano and Ben Brewer
(American Sociological Review, February, 2000 Millennial Symposium

Appendix to “Polity Scale Shifts Since the Bronze Age: An Inventory of Upsweeps and Collapses” Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Álvarez, Kirk Lawrence, Anthony Roberts, E.N. Anderson and Christopher Chase-Dunn


Urban Upsweeps and Collapses Inventory Appendix “Settlement Scale Shifts Since the Bronze Age: Upsweeps and Collapses and Semiperipheral Development” Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Álvarez, Eugene N. Anderson, 

Jared Ahmed and Christopher Chase-Dunn



Appendix for Ellen Reese, Christopher Chase-Dunn, Kadambari Anantram, Gary Coyne, Matheu Kaneshiro, Ashley N. Koda, Roy Kwon and Preeta Saxena 2008 “Research Note: Surveys of World Social Forum participants show influence of place and base in the global public sphere” Mobilization: An International Journal. 13,4:431-445. Revised version in A Handbook of the World Social Forums Editors: Jackie Smith, Scott Byrd, Ellen Reeseand Elizabeth Smythe. Paradigm Publishers

 Appendix to “Comparing World-Systems: Semiperipheral Development and Empire Upsweeps Since the Bronze Age” Jared Ahmed, Alexis Álvarez, E.N. Anderson, Elisse Basmajian, Dinur Blum, Hiroko Inoue, Christian Jaworski, Alina Khan, Kirk Lawrence, Andrew Owen, Anthony Roberts, Panu Suppatkul and Christopher Chase-Dunn


Appendix to Social Change: Globalization from the Stone Age to the Present, Chris Chase-Dunn and Bruce Lerro


Appendix to “Social Movements and Progressive Regimes in Latin America: World Revolutions and

Semiperipheral Development” by Christopher Chase-Dunn, Alessandro Morosin and Alexis Álvarez


Appendix to “Uneven Development:  Largest Settlements and Polities in World Regions Since the Bronze Age

Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Alvarez, Rebecca Alvarez,  Lulin Bao, Eugene N. Anderson, 

Christian Jaworski, Micah Carlson, Mengxian Li, Stacey Hernandez and Stephanie Hernandez


Appendix to  The Occupy Movement in California”

Michaela Curran, Elizabeth A. G. Schwarz and Christopher Chase-Dunn


Appendix: Indigenous Rights in the Web of global Antisystemic Movements


Appendix: “Anarchism in the Web of Transnational Social Movements” C. Chase-Dunn John Aldecoa. Ian Breckenridge-Jackson and Joel Herrera