Political Economy of World-Systems 2002 Conference

Riverside, California

Presenters of the Conference

Presenter Paper/Abstract Abstract
Mitchell Allen Power Is in the Details: Administrative Technology and the Growth of Ancient Near Eastern Cores View
Gene Anderson Lamb, Rice and Hegemonic Decline: The Mongol Empire in the 14th Century View
Giovanni Arrighi The Autumn of World Hegemonies View
Seung-Wook Baek China in East Asia after the American Hegemony -- China's Open Door Policy and the Relationship between China and Japan View
Albert J. Bergesen    
Edna Bonacich   View
John Borrego    
Terry Boswell Hegemonic Decline and Revolution: When the World is up for Grabs  
Stephen Bunker
P. Ciccantrell
Matter, Space, and Technology in Globalization Past and Future View
Christopher Chase-Dunn
Alexis Álvarez
Dan Pasciuti
Power and Size:  Urbanization and Empire Formation in World-Systems View
Sing C. Chew From Harappa to Mesopotamia and Egypt to Mycenae: Dark Ages, Political-Economic Decline, and Environmental/Climatic Changes 2200 BC - 700 BC View
Randall Collins    
Wilma A. Dunaway
Don Clelland
Indigenism and Ethnification in the Modern World-System:  The Dialectics of Counter-hegemonic Resistance in an Age of Transition View
Andre Gunder Frank    
Kasja Ekholm-Friedman    
Jonathan Friedman    
Thomas D. Hall

James Fenelon

Indigenous Peoples and Hegemonic Change: Opportunities for Resistance or Dangerous Times? View
Amy Holmes Servants of the World-System: An Analysis of Servitude in the United States and the New International Division of Reproductive Labor View
Ho-Fung Hung Contentious Peasants, Paternalist State and Arrested Capitalism in China's Long Eighteenth Century View
Nicholas Kardulias Negotiation in a Contested Periphery: Indians in the Fur Trade View
Glen David Kuecker We the People Who are the Color of the Earth. Hegemonic Decline and Indigenous Resistance to the Current Capitalist World System: A Perspective from the Mountains of Southern Mexico View
Lauren Langman Islamic Terrorism: From Retrenchment to Ressentiment and Beyond View
Richard E. Lee    
Omar Lizardo    
Eric H. Mielants The Rise of European Hegemony: The Political Economy of South Asia and Europe compared (c. AD 1200-AD 1500) View
Jason W. Moore Is There a Political Ecology of the Hegemonic Cycle?  Hegemonic Transitions, Environmental Transformation, and Phases of Capitalist Development View
Patrick O'Brien The Pax Britannica, American Hegemony and the International Economic Order, 1846-1914 and 1941-2001 View
Kathleen Pickering Same as it ever was?  Lakota Culture, Semiproletarian Households, and the Myth of Full Employment in Hegemonic Decline View
Eileen Rabach The Sea Transport Global Commodity Network, Economic Integration and the Implications for Hegemony View
Joachim K. Rennstich The Phoenix Cycle: Global Leadership Transition in a Long-Wave Perspective View
William Robinson Global Capitalism and the Hegemony of the Transnational Elite:  Theoretical Notes and Empirical Evidence  
Robert J. S. Ross
Anita Chan
Reframing the Issue of Globalization and Labor Rights  
Luis Sandoval Ramírez La hegemonía mundial de las potencias. Una aproximación teórica View
Beverly J. Silver    
David A. Smith    
Tieting Su Three Eyes on Hegemons View
Peter Taylor Dutch Hegemony and Contemporary Globalization View
William R. Thompson C-Wave Crises and Early Classical Era Trade Reorientations View
Immanuel Wallerstein    
David Wilkinson The Polarity Structure of the Central World System/Civilization, 1500-700 BC View
Norihisa Yamashita Parallel Decline of Early Modern Hegemonies: Concept of Early Modern Regional System and the Globality of 18th Century  


27th Annual Conference of the Political Economy of World-Systems Spring

Hosted by the Institute for Research on World-Systems at the University of California, Riverside