Christopher Chase-Dunn's Courses

Introductory Sociology

Global Studies 2

The City (Sociology 002f)

Comparative Ancient Civilizations (CPAC 001)

Social Change (Soc 122)

Evolutionary Sociology (Sociology 125)

Urban Sociology (Sociology 143)

Social Movements and Collective Behavior (Sociology 179)

World-Systems and Globalization (Soc 181)

Urban Problems (Sociology 182)

Environmental Sociology (Sociology 184)

Sociology Internship (Sociology 198i)

Current Research on Political Economy and Global Social Change (Soc 251)

World-Systems Analysis (Soc 261)

Macrocomparative Methods

Political Economy and Global Social Change

Social Change: Global Perspectives (Soc 243k)

Global Inequality (Soc 265j)

Contemporary Sociological Theory

Classical Sociological Theory

Honors First Year Workshop: Learning, Leadership and Creativity

Global Studies 140: Haiti: Past, Present and Future