Polities and Settlements Research Working Group

The following resources are for use with IROWS' current Urbanization and Empire Formation Project. All materials contained herein are intended for academic use. Please contact Professor Christopher Chase-Dunn for permission to publish materials that uses these files.

NSF HSD Research Proposal; “Global state formation: modeling the rise, fall and upward sweeps of large polities in world history and the global future”

Working Papers

Power and Size: Urbanization and Empire Formation in World-Systems (PEWS02 paper)
ASA 2001 Presentation (for PowerPoint 97)
Settlement Systems: Past and Present by C. Chase-Dunn and A. Jorgenson
Estimating the Population Sizes of Cities by Daniel Pasciuti and Chris Chase-Dunn

A measurement error model for Estimating the Population Sizes of Preindustrial Cities by Daniel Pasciuti

Climate Change Resources


David Wilkinson's (1992) Maps
SPSS dataset (latest version)
Same dataset in Excel 97 format
Same dataset in text format
Chase-Dunn's and Willard's original dataset (in Excel 97 format)

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