Trajectories and causes of structural globalization: 1800-2000

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Trade Globalization excel file.

Definitions and Concepts Behind the IMF Balance of Payments Yearbooks compiled by Siobhán Caruso-Tuthill

The Balance of Payments Yearbooks published by the International Monetary Fund are compiled based upon information provided by individual countries and gathered according to specifics set by the Fund itself in the Balance of Payments Manual. Just as there are several editions of the Manual, the resulting publications have gone through many revisions with respect both to the manner of presentation and what information is included in the various numbers presented. Consequently, it is necessary to specify what the information in the data set related to these publications refers to and how that information changes with the revisions of the Balance of Payments Yearbooks.

IMF Balance of Payment Definitions:

The terms defined refer to the manner in which they are defined and used according to the IMF Balance of Payments Yearbooks.

Dataset Items Definitions:

The following definitions specify what is included in the items coded in the data set.

IMF Balance of Payments Volumes (Excel File)


asr00 article:
Christopher Chase-Dunn, Yukio Kawano and Benjamin Brewer
"Economic Globalization since 1795: structures and cycles in the modern world-system"

A paper presented at the International Studies Association, Washington, DC February 20, 1999. Revised version in American Sociological Review, 65:77-95, 2000.

asr00 appendix:
Appendix to "Trade Globalization since 1795:..."
Christopher Chase-Dunn, Yukio Kawano and Ben Brewer
(American Sociological Review, February, 2000 Millennial Symposium

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Investment Globalization by Rebecca Giem



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