Current Projects:

Research Working Group on Settlement and Polity Upsweeps and Global State Formation
IROWS is conducting research on the growth/decline phases of polities and settlements and on the evolution of global governance and global state formation. We study the relationships between climate change, epidemic diseases, and the rise and fall of cities and empires since the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

Research Working Group on Modeling Socio-cultural Evolution since the emergence of sedentism
This project develops computational models of the processes of demographic growth, resources usage, environmental degradation, population pressure, warfare, population cycles, and the rise of sociocultural complexity in regional world-systems.

Research Working Group on Transnational Social Movements
IROWS is studying participants in the World Social Forum, the relationships among the transnational movements, and global party formation.

Political Economy of the World-System Interuniversity Consortium (PEWS-IC)
PEWS-IC is a scholarly consortium dedicated to research and education that applies and develops the world-system perspective on political economy, development and transnational and interpolity relations.

Earlier IROWS Research Projects:

Research Working Group on Globalization Research
IROWS project entitled Trajectories and causes of structural globalization: 1800-2000.

Research Working Group on Biotechnology in the Global Political Economy
IROWS is studying agricultural and medical biotechnology as a new lead industry in the world-system.

Research Working Group on Global Elite Formation Integration in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century
IROWS is conducting research on the formation, integration and changing social bases of global elites.


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