IROWS People 

Christopher Chase-Dunn, Director 

Matthew Mahutga, Associate Director

E. N Anderson, Scholar-in-Residence

Thomas D. Hall, Research Collaborator

Thomas E. Reifer, Research Collaborator (University of San Diego)

Hiroko Inoue, Assistant Director

Marilyn Grell-Brisk, Research Associate

Dmytro Khutkyy,  Research Associate

Peter Grimes, Research Collaborator

Alexis Alvarez, Research Associate

Rebecca Alvarez, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jeb Sprague, Research Associate

Salvatore Babones, Research Collaborator (University of Sydney)

Kirk Lawrence, Research Collaborator(St. Joseph’s College)

Nelda Thomas  Administrative Assistant

Research Associates:
Alessandro Morosin, Ian Breckenridge-Jackson, Sandor Nagy, Nicolas Pascal, Teresa Neal, and John Aldecoa

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Phone: 951-827-2062 
Email: chriscd@ucr.ed