IROWS Working Papers

Olmsted Hall 1218
University of California, Riverside


#1 Christopher. Chase-Dunn, World State Formation: Historical Processes and Emergent Necessity

#2 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Edward Clewett and Elaine Sundahl, A Very Small World- System in Northern California: The Wintu and Their Neighbors

#3 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Mahua Sarkar, Place Names and Intersocietal Interaction: Wintu and Their Neighbors

#4Christopher Chase-Dunn and Elena Ermolaeva, The Ancient Hawaiian World- System: Research in Progress

#5Christopher. Chase-Dunn and Alice Willard, Systems of Cities and World-Systems

#6 Chris Chase-Dunn, Alexis Alvarez, Dan Pasciuti and Tom Hall, Power and Size: Urbanization and Empire Formation in World-Systems

#7 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Susan Manning, City Systems and World-Systems: Four Millennia  of City Growth and Decline

#8 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Rebecca Giem, Andrew Jorgenson, Thomas Reifer and John Rogers, The Trajectory of the United States in the World-System: A Quantitative Reflection"

#9 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Thomas E. Reifer, "U.S. hegemony and biotechnology: the geopolitics of new lead industries"

#10 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Andrew Jorgenson, Rebecca Giem, Shoon Lio, Thomas E. Reifer and John Rogers, “Waves of Structural Globalization since 1800: New results on Investment Globalization”

#11 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Alexis Alvarez and Daniel Pasciuti, “World-systems in the biogeosphere: three thousand years of urbanization, empire formation and climate change.”

#12 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Barry Gills, “Understanding waves of globalization and resistance in the capitalist world(-)system: social movements and critical globalization studies.”

#13 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Andrew Jorgenson, “Regions and Interaction Networks: A World-Systems Perspective”

#14 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Daniel Pasciuti, Alexis Alvarez and Thomas D. Hall, “The Ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian World-Systems”

#15 Christopher Chase-Dunn, “The role of ecosettlement systems in social evolution”

#16 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Alexis Alvarez, Hiroko Inoue, Richard Niemeyer and John Rogers “East/West Urban and Empire Synchrony”

#17 Ellen Reese, Christopher Chase-Dunn, Erika Gutierrez, Rebecca Álvarez, Linda Kim, and Christine Petit. “Unions and the World Social Forum Process”

#18 Ellen Reese, Chris Chase-Dunn, Mark Herkenrath, Christine Petit, Linda Kim and Darragh White “Transnational dissent: solidarity and division among the activists”

#19 Chris Chase-Dunn, Ken Barr, Anders Carlson, Chris Schmitt, Shoon Lio, Rick Niemeyer and Tom Reifer, “Trade and the flag: integration and conflict in waves of globalization and deglobalization”

#20 Chris Chase-Dunn, "Upward Sweeps in the Historical Evolution of World-Systems"

#21 Chris Chase-Dunn and Ellen Reese, “Global party formation in world historical perspective”

#22 Chris Chase-Dunn, Alexis Alvarez, Hiroko Inoue, Richard Niemeyer, Anders Carlson, Ben Fierro and Kirk Lawrence, "Rise, Fall and Upward Sweeps of Empire and City Growth Since the Bronze Age"

#23 Chris Chase-Dunn, Richard Niemeyer and Juliann Allison, “Futures of Biotechnology and Geopolitics”

#24 Chris Chase-Dunn, "Nested Networks and Semiperipheral Development In the American Southwest"

#25 Christine Petit, "Web Contours of Social Movements"

#26 Christine Petit, Christopher Chase-Dunn, Ellen Reese and Richard Niemeyer, “The Contours  of Solidarity and Division Among Global movements”

#27 Kenneth Barr, Shoon Lio, Christopher Schmitt, Anders Carlson, Kirk Lawrence, Jonathan Krause, Yvonne Hsu, Christopher Chase-Dunn and Thomas E. Reifer, “Global Conflict and Elite Integration in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries"

#28 Chris Chase-Dunn, Alexis Alvarez, Andrew Jorgenson, Richard Niemeyer, Daniel Pasciuti and John Weeks, “Global city networks in world historical perspective”

#29 Ellen Reese, Mark Herkenrath, Chris Chase-Dunn, Rebecca Giem, Erika Gutierrez, Linda Kim, and Christine Petit, “Alliances and Divisions with the ‘movement of movements’: survey findings from the 2005 World Social Forum”

#30 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Thomas D. Hall, Richard Niemeyer, Alexis Alvarez, Hiroko Inoue, Kirk Lawrence, Anders Carlson, Benjamin Fierro, Matthew Kanashiro, Hala Sheikh-Mohamed and Laura Young, "Middlemen and marcher states in Central Asia and East/West Growth/Decline Phases”

#31 Ellen Reese, Mark Herkenrath, Chris Chase-Dunn, Rebecca Giem, Erika Gutierrez, Linda Kim and Christine Petit, “North-South contradictions and bridges at the World Social Forum”

#32 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Alvarez, Richard Niemeyer and Hala Sheikh-Mohamed, “Global State Formation in World Historical Perspective”

#33 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Ellen Reese, "Historical and Contemporary Processes of Global Party Formation From Above and Below"

#34 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Richard Niemeyer, Alexis Alvarez, Hiroko Inoue, Hala Sheikh-Mohamed, and Eran Chazan, “Cycles of Rise and Fall, Upsweeps and Collapses: Changes in the Scale of Settlements and Polities Since the Bronze Age”

#35 Christopher Chase-Dunn, “The World Revolution of 20xx”

#36 Rebecca Álvarez, Erika Gutierrez, Linda Kim, Christine Petit, and Ellen Reese, "The Contours of Color at the World Social Forum: Reflections on Racialized Politics,Representation, and the Global Justice Movement"

#37 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Ellen Reese, Toi Carter and Roy Kwon, “Intelligentsia, Academics, Students and Other Participants at the World Social Forum”

#38 Bridgett Portman, "Comrades in Arms?: Socialists and Communists at the World Social Forum"

#39 Alexis Alvarez, Hiroko Inoue, Kirk Lawrence, James Love, Evelyn Courtney and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Upsweep Inventory: Scale Shifts of Settlements and Polities Since the Stone Age”

#40 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Bruce Lerro, "Democratizing Global Governance: Strategy and Tactics in Evolutionary Perspective”

#41 Jake Apkarian, Jesse Fletcher, Robert A. Hanneman, Hiroko Inoue, Kirk Lawrence and Christopher Chase-Dunn, “The Human Demographic Regulator”

#42 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Thomas D. Hall, "East and West in World-Systems Evolution"

#43 Rachel M. Meeker, "Religion and Radicalism in Contemporary Transnational Social Movements: The 2007 Nairobi World Social Forum"

#44 Christopher Chase-Dunn and M. Kaneshiro, "Stability and Change in the contours of Alliances Among movements in the social forum process”

#45 Ellen Reese, Christopher Chase-Dunn, Kadambari Anantram, Gary Coyne, Matheu Kaneshiro, Ashley N. Koda, Roy Kwon, and Preeta Saxena, "Appendix for Surveys of World Social Forum Participants Show Influence of Place and Base in the Global Public Sphere"

# 46 Jeffrey Kentor, “The Divergence of Economic and Coercive Power in the World Economy 1960 to 2000: a quantitative measure of world-system position"

#47 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Kirk Lawrence, “World-System Futures”

#48 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Matheu Kaneshiro, Richard Niemeyer, Preeta Saxena, Roy Kwon and James Love, “The New Global Left and Transnational Social Movements”

#49 Christopher Chase-Dunn and James Love, "Social Movement Networks as Reflected in Web Publications"

#50 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Richard Niemeyer, Preeta Saxena, Matheu Kaneshiro, James Love and Amanda Spears, "The New Global Left: Movements and Regimes"

#51 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Hiroko Inoue, "Can You Really Study the World-System in Second Life?"

#52 Matthew C. Mahutga and David A. Smith, “Globalization, the Structure of the World Economy and Economic Growth”

#53 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Alvarez, Kirk Lawrence and James Love, "Synchronous East-West Urban and Empire Upsweeps?

#54 Matthew Mahutga, Garrett Grainger, Andrew Jorgenson and Roy Kwon, "Developing Equity or Structuring Inequality?: Toward a Political Economy of Income Inequality"

#55 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Hiroko Inoue, “Accelerating Global State Formation and Democracy”

#56 Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Álvarez, E.N. Anderson, Kirk Lawrence, Teresa Neal, Dmytro Khutkyy, Sandor Nagy, Walter DeWinter and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Comparing World-Systems: Empire Upsweeps and Non-core marcher states Since the Bronze Age"

#57 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Shoon Lio, “Global Class Formation and the New Global Left in World Historical Perspective”

#58 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Matheu Kaneshiro, James Love, Kirk Lawrence and Edwin Elias, "Neoliberalism, populist movements and the Pink Tide in Latin America"

#59 Anthony Roberts, Joseph Genova, James Love, Kirk Lawrence, Hiroko Inoue, Evelyn Courtney, Edwin Elias and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Semiperipheral Development in the Mediterranean World"

#60 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Crises of capitalism and Counter-Movements in World Historical Perspective"

#61 Anthony Roberts and Jason Struna, “The Interface of Global Class Formation and Core-Peripheral Relations: Toward a Synthetic Theory and Analysis of Global Inequalities”

#62 Anthony Roberts, "The Emergence of Disease in Early World-Systems: A Theoretical Model of World-System and Pathogen Evolution"

#63 Jesse Fletcher, Jake Apkarian, Kirk Lawrence, Hiroko Inoue, Christopher Chase-Dunn and Robert Hanneman, "Simulating Simple World-Systems: Power and Hierarchy in Intersocietal Networks"

#64 Gary Coyne, Juliann Allison, Ellen Reese, Katja Guenther, Ian Breckenridge-Jackson, Edwin Elias, Ali Lairy, James Love, Anthony Roberts, Natasha Rodojcic, Miryam Ruvalcaba, Elizabeth Schwarz and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "2010 U.S. Social Forum Survey of Attendees: Preliminary Report"

#65 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Roy Kwon, Kirk Lawrence and Hiroko Inoue, "Last of the Hegemons: Hegemonic Decline and Global Governance"

#66 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Kirk Lawrence and Hiroko Inoue, "A comparative framework for studying the causes of integration among Bronze and Iron Age polities"

#67 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Hiroko Inoue, “Explanations of scale changes in settlement and polity sizes”

#68 Thomas D. Hall, “Comparison of Two Southwestern Frontiers and Borderlands: Lessons from Ancient to Modern Borders"

#69 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Governance of the Global City: The Rise of Global Democracy in the 21st Century"

#70 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Continuities and transformations in the evolution of world-systems: Terminal crisis or a new systemic cycle of accumulation?"

#71 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Ian Breckenridge-Jackson, “The Network of movements in the U.S. social forum process: Comparing Atlanta 2007 with Detroit 2010"

#72 Ho-fung Hung, "Maritime Capitalism in Seventeenth-Century China: The Rise and Fall of Koxinga Revisited"

#73 Christopher Chase-Dunn “Global Public Social Science”

#74 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Michaela Curran-Strange, "Diffusion of the Occupy Movement in California"

#76 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Alessandro Morosin, "Latin America in the World-System: world revolutions and semiperipheral development"

#77 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "The Evolution of Systemic Logics"

#78 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Contemporary Semiperipheral Development: The Regimes and Movements"

# 79 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Álvarez, Andrew Owen and Eugene N. Anderson, "Semiperipheral Capitalist City-States and the Commodification of Wealth, Land, Labor and Goods"

#80 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Eugene N. Anderson, Hiroko Inoue, and Alexis Álvarez, "The Prehistory of Money in Southern California"

#81 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Crisis of What?: End of capitalism or new systemic cycle of capitalist accumulation"

# 82 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "The World Revolution of 2011: Assembling a United Front of the New Global Left"

#83 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Five Linked Crises in the Contemporary World-System"

#84 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Anne-Sophie Stäbler, Ian Breckenridge-Jackson and Joel Herrera, "Articulating the Web of Transnational Social Movements"

#85 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Alvarez, Rebecca Alvarez, E. N. Anderson and Teresa Neal, "Uneven Political Development: Largest Empires in Ten World Regions and the Central PMN Since the Late Bronze Age"

#86 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Teresa Neal and Evan Heimlich, "Global history and world-systems"

#87 Christopher Chase-Dunn, James Fenelon, Thomas D. Hall, Ian Breckenridge-Jackson and Joel Herrera, "Global Indigenism and the Web of Transnational Social Movements"

#88 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Periodizing the Thought of Andre Gunder Frank: From Underdevelopment to the 19th Century Asian Age"

# 89 Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Álvarez, Eugene N. Anderson, Andrew Owen, Rebecca Álvarez, Kirk Lawrence and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Urban scale shifts since the Bronze Age: upsweeps, collapses and semiperipheral development"

# 90 Salvatore Babones, "From Capitalism to Empire: The Political Economy of the Third Millennium"

#91 E.N. Anderson, "Language Evolution and Animal Communication"

#92 E.N. Anderson, "Medieval Warmth: Did the Medieval Warm Period Sink the Maya but Make the Mongols?"

#93 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Dmytro Khutkky, "The Evolution of Geopolitics and Imperialism in Interpolity Systems"

#94 Andrea Komlosy, "From Contract Manufacture to Global Player: Is China Moving to the Global Core?"

#95 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Joel L. Sachs, Peter Turchin, and Robert Hanneman, "Spiraling Coupled Human and Biotic Systems"

#96 Dmytro Khutkyy, "Aspects, Criteria, and Measurements of Stratification of Modern Societies in the Process of Intersocietal Selection"

#97 Dmytro Khutkyy, "Empirical Indicators of Stratification of Modern Societies in the Process of Intersocietal Selection"

#98 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Alexis Alvarez, Rebecca Alvarez, E. N. Anderson and Teresa Neal, "Uneven Urban Development: Largest Cities since the Late Bronze Age”

#99 Walter deWinter, "Globalization in Nubia during the Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period (2000- 1500 B.C.)"

#100 Christopher Chase-Dunn, David Wilkinson, E.N. Anderson, Hiroko Inoue and Robert Denemark, "Time Mapping Globalization since the Bronze Age"

#101 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "The Piketty Challenge: Global Inequality and World Revolutions"

#102 Salvatore Babones, "Sovereignty in the Millennial World-System"

#103 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Marilyn Grell-Brisk, "Uneven and Combined Development in the Sociocultural Evolution of World-Systems"

#105 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue and Teresa Neal, "High Bar Rules of Thumb for Time-Mapping Systemic Interaction Networks"

#106 Marilyn Grell-Brisk, "Beyond the Long Twentieth Century: China in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Changing Dynamics of the World-System”

#107 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Joel Herrera, John Aldecoa, Ian Breckenridge-Jackson and Nicolas Pascal, “Anarchism in the Web of Transnational Social Movements”

#108 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue and Levin Welch, “Comparing World-Systens Power,Size and Warfare"

#109 David O. Wilkinson, “The Power Configurations of the Central Civilization/ World System in the Twelfth Century”

#110 Christopher Chase-Dunn, “Social Movements and Collective Behavior in Premodern Polities”

#111 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue and E.N. Anderson, "Hangzhou and 13th Century East Asian Geopolitics"

#112 Dmytro Khutkyy and Christopher Chase-Dunn, “World-Systems”

#113 Salvatore Babones, "The Regional Structure of the Global Economy: economic hierarchies and growth strategies"

#115 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Hiroko Inoue, "Long Cycles and World-Systems: Theoretical Research Programs"

#116 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Eugene Anderson and David Wilkinson, "The SETPOL Framework: Settlements and polities in World-Systems"

#117 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Hiroko Inoue, "Problems of Peaceful Change: Interregnum, Deglobalization and the Evolution of Global Governance"

#118 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Jennifer Skornik, "The Global Right in the World Revolutions of 1917 and 20xx"

#119 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "The Rise of JWSR"

#120 Sakin Erin and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Global Political Sociology and World-Systems"

#121 Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Social Science and World Revolutions"

#122 Christopher Chase-Dunn, E.N. Anderson and David Wilkinson "The Globalization of Empires and Cities since 1500 BCE"

#123 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Teresa Neal, "The World-System(s) of the Indian Ocean"

#124 Sandor Nagy, “Global swings of the political spectrum: cyclically delayed mirror waves of revolutions and counter-revolutions”

#125 Thomas D. Hall, Christopher Chase-Dunn, and Hiroko Inoue, "Wallerstein, Immanuel”

#126 Hiroko Inoue and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "A Multilevel Model of Sociocultural Evolution”

#127 Elizabeth Bogumil and Christopher Chase-Dunn, "Settlement Networks and Sociocultural Evolution"

#128 Marilyn Grell-Brisk and Chris Chase-Dunn, “Mind the Gaps!: Clustered Obstacles to Mobility in the Core/Periphery Hierarchy”

#129 Chris Chase-Dunn, Marilyn Grell-Brisk and E.N. Anderson, "Racism and The Evolution of Distant Othering"

#130 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Rebecca Alvarez, “Forging a Organizational Instrument for the Global Left: The Vessel Proposal”

#131 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Sandor Nagy and Manjing Gao, "East Asian World Revolutions"

#132 E.N. Anderson, "Climate and China’s Dynastic Cycles: Did Climate Cause Rises and Falls?”

#133 Christopher Chase-Dunn and Marilyn Grell-Brisk, "Oxford Bibliography in International Relations: World-System Theory”

#134 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Peter Grimes and E.N. Anderson, "The Cyclical Evolution of the Global Right”

#135 Christopher Chase-Dunn, Hiroko Inoue, Levin Welch and Manjing Gao, “Upsweeps and Waves of Conflict in the East Asian World-System, 1800 CE-1830 CE.”

#136 Christopher Chase-Dunn, “21st Century Deglobalization and the Struggle for Global Justice in the World Revolution of 20xx”